Invite Your Friends

Take your Winning to the Next Level

Invite your friends for this app, and we will offer you some unbelievable benefits. When you refer this app to your friends and they join then, you will get instant bounce points in your amount. It is like a chain when your friends play and win the match then, you will get 10% of that. As long as your friend and their friends keep playing, sharing and winning the match, all people will earn an amount regularly. So, keep on playing, sharing and winning the matches.

team offers a unique way to invite friends and win big! This how it does:

  • Use your REFERRAL CODE to invite your friends
  • Your Friend registers with your REFERRAL CODE
  • The friend starts playing and eventually he/she wins
  • You get 10% of his winning amount as a bonus prize!

Invite your friends now and enjoy the game!

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